Societatea de Studii Istorice din România


Cătălin Botoşineanu

Cătălin Botoșineanu is a Ph.D Romanian historian and archiviste who is interested in the history of secondary and higher education in the inter-war period and in the archeves of Romanian Communism. He published several articles related to the history of University of Iasi and on the secondary schools. He covered topics such as: the elections for the professors’ chairs in Romania, the policy in the University; the First World War and the role of the Professors; the Jewish question at the Universty of Iasi; the public engagement of the teaching stuff etc.

Ovidiu Buruiană

Ovidiu Buruiană is a Romanian historian, with Romania in the interwar period as field of knowledge. His books and studies analyze the evolution of the Romanian political liberalism, the history of Iaşi between the two World Wars and the history of the Jewish community in this city. Email:

Igor Cașu

Igor Cașu received his Ph.D. from University of Jassy in 2000 and is director of the Center for the Study of Totalitarianism and Associate Professor at the Faculty of History and Philosophy, State University of Chișinău. He is Fulbright Alumnus (2000), was expert in the Presidential Commission for the Analysis of Communist Dictatorship in Romania (2007) and deputy chairman of the Presidential Commission for the Study and Evaluation of Communist Totalitarian Regime in the Republic of Moldova (2010).

Adrian Cioflâncă

Adrian Cioflâncă  is a member of the Collegium of the National Council for the Study of the Securitate Archives and researcher with the „A. D. Xenopol” Institute of History (belonging to the Romanian Academy). He was a member of the International Commission on the Holocaust in Romania (2003-2004) and expert in The Presidential Commission for the Analysis of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania (2006), co-author of the Final Reports of the two commissions.

Andrei Cușco

Andrei Cusco (b. 1982, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova) holds a Ph.D. degree in the Comparative History of Central, Southeastern and Eastern Europe from the Department of History of the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest. His research interests focus on modern East European history, comparative history of the Eurasian empires, intellectual history and historiography. Starting from September 2008, he is a Lecturer at the Department of World History of the “Ion Creanga” State Pedagogical University in Chisinau. Since 2011, Dr.

Dorin Dobrincu

Dorin Dobrincu is researcher at the „A.D. Xenopol” Institute of History (Romanian Academy, Iași Branch), and Director of the Center for Studies on Communism and Post-communism, „Alexandru Ioan Cuza University”, Iaşi. His fields of interest include social and political history of contemporary Romania (primarily, the history of communism), the history of Christianity in Romania, regional history (with special emphasis on Moldavia in Central-East European context).

Florea Ioncioaia

Florea Ioncioaia is a historian and journalist trained in Romania and France (INALCO, EHESS, Paris). He obtained a PHD in Intellectual History from the University of Iasi in 1999 and published in various newspapers and journals both in Romania and abroad. Research interests: Social History of Education, Student Migration in Modern Europe, Media History and Professional Ethics; some key publications: ”Les Promesses de l’Harmonie. Disciples et traces du fourierisme roumain” , Cahiers Charles Fourier, 17-, (2006) : 7-24, 18 (2007): 79-90; ”; Oglinda și amalgamul.

Bogdan-Petru Maleon

Bogdan – Petru Maleon is PhD in History and Associate Professor at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi, Romania. Since December 2010 he is the manager of the University Museum and from April 2015, the director of the Central University Library “Mihai Eminescu” of Iaşi. His areas of research refer to ecclesiastical history and to the ideology, symbols and rituals of power in Byzantine and post-Byzantine world (with focus on the rituals of war and the violence applied in the political sphere). The latest field of research regards the history of academic education, with a special focus on the University of Iaşi.

Hans-Christian Maner

Prof. Dr. Hans-Christian Maner (*1963) Studies in East European History, Lutheran Theology, General History and Political Science at the Universities in Tübingen, Mainz and Bucharest; Research and teaching activities in Mainz, Berlin, Leipzig, Aachen, Iaşi and Sibiu; since 2010 Professor at the University of Mainz in the Department of History; Work and Research Areas: the Danube-Carpathian-Area 18-21st Century in cultural, religious, political and intellectual historical perspective.

Leonidas Rados

Leonidas Rados is researcher at the „A.D. Xenopol” Institute of History, Department of Cultural Studies. His fields of interest include history of the Byzantinology, Neohellenic Studies, history of the Romanian education, history of the universities, history of students and of the student movement, history of Romanian feminism. He is a member in various national and international profesional associations, involved in academic projects in his area of expertise.

Oliver Schmitt

Oliver Jens Schmitt is Professor of Southeast European History at the University of Vienna. His main research interest in Romanian history is the social history of the Legionary Movement in the Interwar period. He has widely published on Medieval Balkan history and urban societies in the Late Ottoman Empire.

Flavius Solomon

Flavius Solomon is a full-time researcher at the A. D. Xenopol – Institute of History in Iaşi. He defended his PhD on the ecclesiastical history of the medieval Moldavian Principality in 1995. Since then, his research interests have focused on: history of the emergence of national identities in Eastern Europe; history of the ethnic minorities; history of international relations. Dr Solomon was a fellow of the DAAD, the Humboldt Foundation and the Imre-Kertész-Kolleg Jena. He is an external fellow of the Institute for East and Southeast European Studies in Regensburg.

Daniel Ursprung

Daniel Ursprung, researcher and lecturer at the chair of East-European history, University of Zurich (Switzerland), is specialized in the history of Southeastern Europe and Romanian history. Research and publications on late-medieval to contemporary history, among others with a monograph on the legitimation of power in the Romanian space (17th-20th centuries), studies on the comparative history of personality-cults in socialist regimes and on the history of Wallachia.